31st EURAPS Meeting

Strong representation at the 31st EURAPS annual meeting

The European Association of Plastic Surgeons is the most prestigious plastic surgery society in Europe where only a selection of the best scientific work is presented at its annual conference. Our medical team from Vienna will hold a total of five talks at the 31st EURAPS annual meeting May 26-29, 2021 (virtual edition).

Udo Maierhofer (PhD-Student): Multi-Level Evaluation of Micromorphological Axonal Division of the Ulnar Nerve into the Deep Motor Branch and the Superficial Branch

Vlad Tereshenko (PhD-Student): Multi-Level Evaluation of Neural Contribution to The Facial Nerve

Olga Politikou (PhD-Student): Treatment of Spastic Forelimb Hypertonia with Cognitive Muscle Reinnervation in Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome in a Rat Model

Johanna Klepetko (Medical Student): Functional MRI-Imaging of Peripheral Nerves using Novel Contrast Agents: Experimental Proof-Of-Concept Study

Matthias Luft (PhD-Student): Creation of a “Bio-Screen” through Multiple Nerve Transfers to a Single Target Muscle for High Fidelity Prosthetic Control

Conference registration will be open until May 27, 2021 – Hope to see you there!